Join a Club!

In the summer time, learning is all about you!  Hartford Public Library challenges you to join a Summer Learning Club, complete at least 5 activities, and celebrate your new found knowledge with the whole Hartford community. Click on a club name to download tips for completing, use the summer learning brochure to track your activities, bring it to a staff member, and earn a ticket to the August 24th Hartford Athletic game! 


Learning happens a lot of different ways, so get out of your comfort zone and Read! Go! Do! + Lee! Ve! Haz!

Download a brochure to track your learning:

  • Read a health-related book

  • Go to a health-related library program

  • Make a healthy recipe

  • Go to an exercise class or follow along with one on YouTube - we like this one!

  • Look up information on our Consumer Health Complete database

  • Try some mindfulness exercises

  • Go for a walk in a Hartford park

  • Check out our database - Learn It Live

  • Visit a farmer's market

  • Go to a park

  • Create a nature journal

  • Read a book about nature

  • Do the Nature Photo-Thon

  • Do the Neighborhood Nature Scavenger Hunt

  • Go to one of the nature or animal programs at the library

  • Read a magazine related to nature

  • Plant or help tend a garden

  • Build a bird feeder or a bee house

  • Become a Citizen Scientist (ask us how!)

  • Read a book related to STEM

  • Go to a library STEM program

  • Go to the CT Science Center

    • (Free in August for Hartfordites!)

  • Conduct a science experiment

  • Participate in Hour of Code activities

  • Research something STEM-related using our World Book database

  • Invent a new measuring device

  • Read the biography of an inventor/scientist

  • Play with a library STEM tool

  • Complete a building challenge at the library

  • Read a book about an artist

  • Listen to music on Freegal

  • Go to any art museum

  • Create a piece of art

  • Read a book about a type of art

  • Visit the Artwalk or take the virtual HPL art tour

  • Do the hARTford Scavenger Hunt

  • Go to a library art program

  • Take a class in CreativeBug

  • Go to a festival or concert

  • Read a book by a Hartford author

  • Go to any museum in Hartford

  • Visit your favorite Hartford park

  • Attend a City Council meeting

  • Read a book about Hartford

  • Create a poster or post a photo with #hartfordhasit 

  • Read an article from our Historic Hartford Courant database

  • Do the Hartford ABC Scavenger Hunt

  • Attend a Hartford History program at the library

  • Go to a movie at the Yard Goats Stadium, Spotlight Theater, or your local park

  • Visit the Hartford History Center

Literature Club

  • Just READ!

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