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This year, summer learning in Hartford is all about getting out into your community to learn together. Join one of our clubs - Health, Hartford, STEM, Art, Nature, or Reading - and complete at least 5 #readgodo #leevehaz activities to win the summer! Want to sample all the clubs? Great! Complete one activity from each and you've completed the Summer Sampler.

Complete 5 club activities to earn a custom button from a Hartford artist PLUS a ticket to the August 24th Hartford Athletic game! Parade with us to the park, grab some local grub, cheer for the team, and stay for the fun! What better way to celebrate your accomplishments than a day at the new Dillon stadium with the fam?

Track your completed summer learning activities, show a library worker your accomplishments by 5pm on August 24th, and get a ticket to the Hartford Athletic game.


We have 400 tickets. First come, first served, so Read! Go! Do!

Downtown Library | 500 Main Street | 860-695-6330 | M – Th 9:30am – 8pm, F – Sat 9:30am – 5pm

Albany Branch | 1250 Albany Avenue | 860- 695-7380 | M & W 10am – 6pm, T & Th 10am – 8pm, F – Sat 10am – 5pm

Barbour Branch | 261 Barbour Street | 860-695- 7400 | M & W 10am – 8pm, T & Th 10am – 6pm, F 10am – 5pm

Camp Field Branch | 30 Campfield Avenue | 860-695-7440 | M & W 10am – 6pm, T & Th 10am – 8pm, F 10am – 5pm

Dwight Branch |7 New Park Avenue | 860-695-7460 | M & W 10am – 6pm, T & Th 10am – 8pm, F 10am – 5pm

Park Branch | 744 Park Street | 860-695-7500 | M & W 10am – 8pm, T & Th 10am – 6pm, F - Sat 10am – 5pm

Ropkins Branch | 1750 Main Street | 860-695-7520 | M, W, Th  12:30-6, Fridays 12:30-5

Summer Learning is a city-wide celebration of learning.  Whether you like to read books and magazines, go to parks or museums, do crafts and yoga, or read-go-do 24/7/364.25 - the summer learning community has a place for you.  


It's easy to join us!

  1. Get a library card!

  2. Join a summer learning club and #readgodo #leevehaz

  3. Finish five activities in any club - or one in each - and earn a custom button by a local artist PLUS celebrate with us at the August 24th Hartford Athletic Game!


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